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I’ve decided that i want to move back to my old tumblr (hides in shame)

I moved here simply because I hated that my tags were so unorganized and then I ended up doing the same thing here.  But the main thing I miss about my old account was, because I had more followers, if I said I wanted to talk crap - at least 2 people were there for me to talk crap with.  So I hope you won’t judge me too much (and sara, jas - if I try to move back, stop me - do something, but remind me how I said I felt!)

So I have changed the name here slightly as I actually am really fond of therouguepanda so that name is staying with me; and if you wish to, please follow me over there :)


and to those judging me or rolling their eyes right now, I say….

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♛ 100 Shane West | 015/100

♛ 100 Shane West | 015/100

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Colour Meme         ↪ Nikita + Red | asked by bommered

Colour Meme
         ↪ Nikita + Red | asked by bommered

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(color) + (fandom) + (my ask box) = picspams


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♛ 100 Shane West | 014/100

♛ 100 Shane West | 014/100

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fandom + colour + my askbox = makes me happy

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Michael & Nikita
↪ Season 2:

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